.NET Developer – Team Lead

Briefly about position.


For our existing Swiss client (Crealogix AG) and their department starting distributed IT services with us for a first time we are creating brand new team which should support base team in area of digital payments.

We are looking for someone who would jump in as a permanent employee and stay with us for a long time.

Especially we would appreciate person with significant personal network in .NET community as well as significant experience in payment transactions.

What do we expect that you are?

• .NET developer in a small company dealing with their own product (web application), or .NET developer in a bigger scale team, ready to advance to the position of team lead

• Fluent in English, with enough experience to understand the needs of both clients and product owners on one side, and software developers on the other

• Having several years of experience in NET, C #, MS-SQL, LINQ, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, MVC, as well as proficiency in analysis, design and OO programming

• Able to make detailed specifications based on requests from customers or internal clients

• Able to coordinate activities in international distributed team

• Able to organise and motivate team in Belgrade

• Not fully focused on work and career, but also having good work-life balance

What do we offer?

• Define your own salary, engagement type and bonuses

• Assemble your team and define their salaries

• Participate actively in establishing processes and procedures for the new team

• Plan education for yourself and members of your team

• Define your total working time (80%-100%)

• Decide how much holidays you want to have (up to two months per year)

Status: Open
Expected start date: 15.08.2019.
Apply to: jobs@promikos.com