QA Engineer

Briefly about position.

For our existing Swiss client and their department collaborating with us more than 10 years we are organizing new service – Quality Assurance in development phase.

We are looking for someone who would jump in as a permanent employee and stay with us for a long time.


What do we expect that you are?

If we are to define requirements, they would be:
– Significant experience as a Manual Tester.
– Some experience as Automation QA Tester.
– Experience in creating, maintaining, and executing automation tests, utilizing tools such as Selenium.
– Familiar with Web application development.
– Experience in handling defect tracking tools such as JIRA.
– Experience in handling Ranorex automation tool will be considered as an asset.
– Understanding German (or good will to learn it) will be considered as a plus.
But in fact, we are much more flexible. We are looking for a reliable and responsible person, willing to learn about specific business rules relating to Swiss high school education. At the same time, we are looking for someone who is not fully focused on work and career, but is also having good work-life balance.

What do we offer?

– Define your own salary and bonuses
– Choose your engagement type
– Participate actively in establishing processes and procedures for the new role
– Plan your education
– Define your total working time (70%-100%)
– Decide how much holidays you want to have (up to two months per year)


Status: Closed
Date closed: 01.12.2017
Best fit: Nebojsa Petkovic