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Promikos is a startup Software Development Company with a team of highly experienced Software Engineers previously engaged in various multinational projects, mostly based on Microsoft tools and technologies.


Bruxon – Parking Resource Planning System (or Parking Management System)
The main focus of this software tool is to organize and optimize on-street parking. Without any hardware support (parking sensors, parking machines, barriers, etc), our tool provides different options for users (drivers and parking space owners). Depending on tool configuration, drivers can:
   • see available parking spaces in real time using Smart Phones,
   • book a parking space in advance,
   • book a parking space on monthly basis,
   • use a parking space reserved and paid by somebody else (restaurant, bank, shopping mall, etc),
   • make a cashless payment with or without Smart Phones.

In order to achieve this, parking space owners can:
   • arrange multipurpose usage of each parking space in different periods of time,
   • define permissions and restrictions for different groups of users,
   • monitor real time usage,
   • detect unauthorized usage,
   • get various statistics about parking space usage and users’ habits.