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Promikos is a Software Development Company with a team of highly experienced Software Engineers involved in various multinational projects, preferably relying on Microsoft tools and technologies.

Promikos Company is located in Belgrade, Serbia. Working in close conjunction with huge network of IT experts, we are currently mainly focused on:

    • our own product – Bruxon, a Parking Management System which keeps us close to startup community, and

    • consulting and implementation services for our clients from Switzerland in so-called “nearshoring” or “team sourcing model”.

Having our both hands-on experience, as a startup and as a software development service provider, Promikos combines good from both, and establishes a new model: “Nearshoring for startups”.

Team statistic:


   • Age: ranging from 32 to 39 (the average 35)

   • IT work experience: 5 to 14 years (8 years on average)

   • Engaged with the current client: 2 to 9 years (5 years on average)



Promikos Company can successfully meet high demands from Western European companies, including wide range of requests for sourcing support in IT, due to productive cooperation between our committed base team and a huge network of skilled IT professionals.

The mindset of our team members is already tailored to Western Europe business culture; we have been working in distributed teams for Swiss education software systems for almost a decade, creating products and providing support.



The appropriate model for IT companies with their own development team(s) that encounter difficulties when specific positions in their environment are needed. In this model, our clients provide detailed specification with desirable skills, education and experience of future team members. Clients also attend interviews during the selection process of best-suited candidates. Once the new team members are engaged, they are fully dedicated to the client. Promikos provides infrastructure and legal/administrative support in Serbia, while everything else is on the client. Team members are involved in projects as client's own employees – working in home office or as distributed teams.


This model is appropriate for companies without their own development team, but with detailed plan about software product. In such cases Promikos establishes dedicated team and delivers solution within defined limits of costs and time.


This model is appropriate for companies or individuals with just an idea about the future software product. Our most experienced team members then polish up ideas and create detailed plan and implementation specifications. Once the job is done, time and costs of the implementation can be estimated. From that point on, clients are offered to choose one of our two models: Team Sourcing or Outsourcing, but they may also continue on their own or with some other sourcing partner.


This model is appropriate for companies with the intent to create their own development center in Serbia. With hands-on experience in Serbian market, Promikos may provide access to huge network of skilled software Engineers. Clients are also welcome to use our infrastructure before they build their own. Their employees may start their business in Promikos right away, and continue it afterwards in their newly established company in Serbia.


Basically, this model is combination of all models above. We listen and analyze the difficulties our startup partners face, and try to help as much as we can.

Product - Parking Management System

Unlike the existing, mainly zone based parking systems, in Bruxon architecture, the central place takes a single parking space – uniquely marked with a number and GPS coordinates.

Considering the fact that parking space is a very valuable resource which is constantly in demand, Bruxon architecture linked one parking space with one schedule of use. Setting the system this way and using the unique architecture of facilities (groups of parking spaces, users, groups of users, owners, renters, offers, renting, booking, licenses, limits, uses, etc), it is possible to open up quite a lot of new scenarios using nothing but software solution:

   • parking space in residential areas can be rented on a monthly basis by the residents,

   • parking space in business areas can be rented by companies and used by their employees (on a monthly basis),

   • parking space downtown can be configured for time limited and pay per hour parking,

   • parking space in mainly service business areas (dry cleaners, hair salons, coffee shops, restaurants, etc) can be rented by the companies and used by their customers.

Since each parking space has its unique schedule, it is possible to add different purposes in different periods of time. All in accordance with current demands:

   • in residential/business areas, one parking space can be rented to residents during the night and to companies during the day,

   • in business areas it can be configured to be company’s parking space during working hours and time limited for the rest of the day,

   • shopping malls can rent their parking spaces to residents of nearby buildings during the night and nearby companies during working hours. The same parking spaces can be time limited and free during weekends and whenever shopping malls are mostly visited.

Unique schedule of each parking space provides the most important information from users’ point of view: is a particular parking space available or not? And the information is provided not only when they already reach desired destination, but also from distant locations – in the same way users would get information if hardware was used in form of parking sensors.

Booking system goes even one step further than possible hardware solutions. A driver can book an available parking space. Once he does that, the parking space doesn’t appear as “available” to other users any more.

The unique schedule of use, together with mechanism of permissions and bookings, greatly improves current management of parking process, but its use value doesn’t end here. The system also keeps a record of every action that takes place on each parking space and stores huge amounts of data. Analyzing these data Bruxon can identify bottlenecks in parking process as well as not optimal usage of parking spaces. These could be key parameters in future making decisions regarding system reconfiguration and possible expansions of parking capacities.


Dejan Kostić

chief executive officer

Vladimir Đukelić

Product Manager



Hall of fame

Miloš Mišić

System architect

Predrag Stevanović

System architect

Milan Bogdanović

Senior Software Developer

Siniša Galić

Software Developer
Back end specialist

Daniel Petraš

Software Developer
Front end specialist



Nede Spasojević 7/1,

11070 Belgrade, Serbia

+381 64 611 5772

Development center

Antifašističke borbe 15,

11070 Belgrade, Serbia

+381 64 611 6994