Javascript Developer

Briefly about position.

For our existing Swiss client (Crealogix AG) and their corporate education department we are extending frontend team working on the Swiss Learning Hub product.
We are looking for someone who would jump in as a permanent employee and stay with us for a reasonable time.


What do we expect that you are?

– Reliable, responsible and proactive person
– Frontend developer in a small company dealing with their own product or JavaScript developer in a bigger scale team
– Fluent in English
– Knowing JavaScript, HTML and CSS
– Having modest experience with PHP or affinity for learning it
– Having affinity to occasionally deal with databases and simple DevOps topics (Linux, Docker)
– Not fully focused on work and career, but also having good work-life balance
– Experience in international distributed team will be considered as an asset

What do we offer?

– Define your own salary and bonuses
– Choose your engagement type
– Plan your education
– Define your total working time (70%-100%)
– Decide how much holidays you want to have (up to two months per year)

Status: Closed
Date closed: 15.01.2020.
Best fit : Milos Mitic